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Benjamin Alexander Nurturing Younger Alpine Skiers to Take Over from Him

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Benjamin Alexander Nurturing Young Jamaicans Alpine Skiers

Jamaican skier Benjamin Alexander has revealed that he is grooming the next generation of Jamaican alpine skiers. He said that the Caribbean country has a lot of talent and he hopes the next generation can surpass his achievements in the sport.

Alexander made a historic appearance at the ongoing winter Olympic Games which are taking place in Beijing, China, where he finished top 50. Despite completing the course successfully, he was heard saying the course was pretty tough. This is not hard to believe since most of the competitors were not able to complete the course.

Alexander was able to finish in the 46th position out of a staggering 89 competitors, just 31 seconds behind the 45th place. He was able to complete the course at the 3:18:52 mark. He admits that he expected to have a faster time but did not eye a top 50 finish at all.

When he made it down, one of the journalists asked him what he thought of his finish time and he said that had no idea, he didn’t even look at the time.

He had to explain to the journalist that it was not about the time for him. What mattered most was ensuring he made it to the finish line. Later on one of his friends mentioned to him how amazing it was for him to have finished in the top 50 and that is when he found out, at this point he admits it was an intense moment.

World Championships

Currently, Alexander has his eyes on qualifying for the World Championships next year. He is also helping young Jamaicans to be able to take this sports to a higher level. He hopes to discover a worthy successor who can replace him when he retires from the sport.

He pointed out that the athlete who took the 45th position, was 30 seconds ahead of him and about 40 seconds behind the winner of the competition. He goes ahead to mention that this particular athlete has been racing for nearly 15 years.

He has already identified the next generation of young athletes and they have been racing for about 10 years. In two years, they will be ready to compete at the highest level.

He concludes by stating that he came to prove that this was possible and now it is time for someone else to take the lead and bag some medals for Jamaica. In a few weeks, Alexander will be in Jamaica to hold talks with the Jamaica Ski Federation (JSF) on furthering the sport.

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