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Busby Expects Reggae Girlz To Improve On Last Performance

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Hubert Busby, the head coach of Reggae Girlz was head over heels after her players’ outstanding performance against Costa Rica. The Reggae Girlz won 1-0 over their opponents on Thursday in a closed-door tussle match. Busby went further to show his optimism towards the team’s performance when the two teams faced each other in an international friendly that was held on Sunday.

Drew Spence was able to bring victory home after Khadija AKA “Bunny” caused problems in the danger zone. Khadija’s action gave way to a penalty goal for the Reggae Girlz in the 80th minute of the match. With only two sessions of training prior, Busby strongly believed that the contest provided the motivation that was needed for the girls to face the Central Americans. A match that will be held in Fort Lauderdale at DRV PNK Stadium.

He acknowledged the team’s effort and praised them for the positive play that gave way to Spence’s incredible winner. He said that even though the team had not had much time for training, they had made good use of the insights they had acquired during those two training sessions, which rendered them winners to their opponents.

Busby praised his team for being extremely organized, with the backline playing exceptionally. The team had placed themselves very well in the field making him so proud. He also stated that the six substitutions paved the way for the technical staff to combine different players which helped the Reggae Girlz, ranked 51, to trample over Costa Rica, ranked 36. He believes that the first 20 minutes would have given them a 3-0 win since they had started the game with their best foot forward.

The head coach brought in a combination of tough players such as Paige Bailey, Bunny, Cheyna and Spence who managed to maintain the level of energy needed for the win. He praised Bunny for pinning down her opponents and giving way for a penalty goal from Spence.

He went on to say that since no performance is flawless, his main objective is to ensure that the team remains strong in order to tackle all flaws.  He added that the team can prove its toughness in the coming fixtures. He also noted that there is need for improvement on the counter-pressing, pressing and other procedural things in the team. The team would also strive to make sure that they do not give their opponents so much time with the ball so as to avoid great attacks.

Busby also hoped that the girlz can secure a friendly contest by the Jamaican Football Federation in a week’s time or in the coming month. This would be a great opportunity for the team to engage in intense preparations towards the world cup qualifiers which will be held in February next year. The fact that there would be no FIFA opportunities for the teams to get together before next February, the coach hopes that the federation will give the two teams another chance to come together for preparation purposes.

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