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Reggae Girlz Qualify for Women’s World Cup with 4-0 Win Over Haiti

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Jamaica Reggae Girls Qualify for the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand

Khadija Shaw Led the Team with an Excellent Individual Performance

Manchester City striker Khadija Shaw today led the Jamaican Women’s national team to their second world cup qualification. She demonstrated her leadership skills by scoring two goals to help the Reggae Girlz destroy Haiti with a huge margin of 4-0.

Ahead of this match, the Reggae Girlz were sitting third in their group after beating Mexico 1-0 and losing to USA 5-0.

Haiti was ahead of Jamaica on goal difference and this meant that Jamaica had to beat Haiti in order to qualify for the next women’s World Cup.

Reggae Girl manager Lorne Donaldson had expressed confidence that the Girlz had the talent and dedication required to beat Haiti.

The game’s first big moment came in the 26th minute when Trudi Carter smashed in the first goal to put Jamaica ahead of Haiti. This goal came from the creativity of Khadija Shaw who avoided the Haiti defenders to produce an excellent assist for Carter.

The Jamaicans kept pressuring the Haiti defenders and this resulted in a yellow card for Haiti defender Ruthny Mathurin after she made a clumsy tackle in the 44th minute.

Jamaica’s second goal arrived in the 58th minute when Khadija Shaw produced an exquisite finish that embarrassed the Haiti goalkeeper. The assist came from H.Solaun.

The Haiti players were struggling to deal with the pressure of being two goals down and it was only a matter of time before they committed another mistake. The Jamaicans won a penalty in the 70th minute and Shaw stepped up to take it.

She squeezed in an excellent finish that put Jamaica 3-0 up in the score board. At this point, this game was turning into the “Khadija Shaw show”. It was clear that she was simply more talented than anybody else on that pitch.

She had dominated the game from start to finish. The idea of playing in another World Cup must have inspired her to play like a woman possessed.

Haiti were finally put out of their misery when the last goal came in the 79th minute. Tottenham star Drew Spence was the goal scorer of the last goal.

This win means that the Jamaica women’s national team will participate in the next World Cup. This event will happen in New Zealand and Australia.

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