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Gayle Encourages Sports Events Organizers To Observe C0VID-19 Measures

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Gayle encouraged event organizers to maintain their guard

Lately, different variants of the COVID-19 virus have been causing havoc in many regions all around the world. The Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association’s (JAAA) president, Garth Gayle, has urged local field and track event organizers to keep observing the laid COVID-19 restrictions.
Gayle encouraged event organizers to maintain their guard. This he said on the 7th of January during the 29th meeting of the Pure Water/JC/R. Danny Williams development event. Local tournaments had been classed into 2 divisions for boys and girls during the pandemic’s peak. This was to reduce the spread of the virus. Gayle asked event organizers to utilize the previous protocols. Moreover, the organizers of the of Jamaica College (JC) were given the go-ahead by Gayle.
Back in March 2020, all local athletics events came to a sudden halt due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Later that year, the JAAA laid certain restrictions that allowed the competition resume slowly before fully returning in the following year.
Four former JC students were also recognized for their input in the school and the sport by the organizers. They include former 800m sprinter Ortis Wynter; experienced basketball coach Duane Cunningham and Darren Virtue alongside Brandon Samms who were part of the JC football club.
Wynter is the current vice principal at JC. He captained the JC’s squad that won the Boys Championships in both 1994 and 1995. Later in 2008, he became a physical education teacher at the school thus joining the academic staff where he guided the school to bag the 2011 and more recently 2021 championships.

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