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Leon Edwards Becomes the First Jamaican-Born UFC Champion After Knocking Out Kamaru Usman

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Usman Was Dominating the Fight Before Edwards Produced a Kick Out of Nowhere

Jamaican-born Leon Edwards upset the odds when he knocked out Kamaru Usman with a head-kick knockout. Usman was dominating the fight before Edwards produced a kick out of nowhere. This fifth-round finish ensured that Edwards went home with the UFC welterweight title at UFC 278. Martial arts fans witnessed what can be termed as one of the greatest comeback wins in the sport.
The Jamaican-born fighter is currently representing the United Kingdom. He was brought up in a rough up neighborhood in Jamaica. His father was a well-known gang leader who was feared by many people. His family moved to England in search of a better life. He was often involved in brawls in the streets of Birmingham. He started training in martial arts in order to avoid following his father’s path.

He tricked his opponent by throwing a fake a jab and then followed this with a brutal head kick. This is Edwards most impressive win in his career because Usman was ranked as the best fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC). Kamaru Usman is a Nigerian fighter who is based in the USA. Usman has been a dominant champion who has never lost in the UFC welterweight division.
Edwards is now the second British fighter to win a UFC belt after Michael Bisping won the middleweight title back in 2016.
Usman had won 15 consecutive fights before facing Edwards. During round one, Usman found it hard to win as Edwards took him down unexpectedly. This is the second time that Usman and Edwards have fought each other. Usman stole the victory when they first faced off in 2015.
In the first round, Edwards wanted to quickly end the fight by choking Usman from the back but the 35-year-old Nigerian pulled through. Usman dominated the second round with his famed grappling fighting style as Edwards seemed to falter again. It seemed like Usman would retain his title up until Edwards landed the kick merely 56 seconds to the end of the fight.

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