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400m hurdles

Hurdles or hurdles is an athletics sport that involves running and jumping over obstacles at high speed. Hurdles is part of athletics at the Olympics.

Hurdles is the basis of some athletics events. In these tests, obstacles or barriers are established that are called fences that each athlete must jump. Otherwise, an athlete may be disqualified. The standard steeplechase is 110 meters for men and 100 meters for women. There is also a 400 meter steeplechase for both men and women.

hurdle race110m hurdle race
All of these distances are events at the Summer Olympics and the World Championships in Athletics. The 110m and 100m hurdles are run on a running track, the 400m versions cover a full oval track. There are also shorter distances that are done on indoor tracks, the distances start from 500 meters onwards. Obstacles in track races are usually between 68 and 107 centimeters high, but sometimes it varies depending on the age and gender of the participants.