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Lacrosse Held At St. George’s College

Lacrosse at STGC

A very fast growing sport in the island, Lacrosse, is finding its way in the high school sports schedules. STGC, KC, Holy Trinity, Excelsior,Calabar and Alpha Academy are some of the schools where the sport has started to be played since 2013.

The group of supporters, headed by Kevin Dugan (the hatted male in one of my photos), one of the Directors of the International Lacrosse Association is strongly attempting to get the sport established and become a competing sport under ISSA. The aim is to get the sport started here and identify students who are suitable for US scholarship. They have their base at Emmet Park, STGC under the management of Jason Perelds.


Two Saturday ago, players from various schools in the US visited Jamaica and had a friendly matches at Winchester Park between a Jamaican mens and ladies teams. The visitors stayed in residence on the STGC campus.

I can see the reason for its popularity as there is very little need of physical contact yet it is fairly fast game.

Tony Wong
STGC Sports Council