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Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago to Collaborate on Sports Exchange Programme

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It’s Likely to Start by the End of the Year

Jamaica has launched a collaborative effort that will see it work with Trinidad and Tobago to grow the standard of sports in the region.

Jamaican High Commissioner Arthur HW Williams announced that they are working on a sport exchange programme. Williams said that this initiative will be important because both countries are strong in their respective sporting disciplines. He emphasized that the collaboration will lead to an exchange of expertise.

He also said that this programme will bring financial windfall to the two countries because it will promote sports tourism and sports development.

TT has a reputation for producing top-level cricketers while Jamaica is known for world-class athletes in track and field.

In 2016, the discussion surrounding a sport exchange and cooperation for the region started but the pace to establish it was slow and was further hampered by the pandemic, Williams explained.

They aim to exchange technical skills, physical education techniques, teachers and coaches’ exchanges.

This programme is a brainchild of Barbados, St Lucia, TT and Jamaica. Williams said that it is important for modern athletes to use specialized training techniques because it is old-fashioned to use one coach for all disciplines.

Williams said that Jamaica can benefit from some of the cricket coaches that have helped TT produce many respected cricketers who play for the West Indies. On the other hand, TT athletes can train with Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce’s coach and Usain Bolt’s coach.

Williams said, they will provide many facilities with the right necessities to facilitate the required training techniques.

The initiative was slowed down by the pandemic but the Caribbean countries are now ready to implement it.

TT’s Minister of Sport and Community Development Shamfa Cudjoe told Sunday Newsday that the Government was looking forward to the partnerships and was hopeful that by the end of the year the programme would begin.

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