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J’can Karter Powell is Ecstatic About His Historic European Victory

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A Father’s Prayer Has Been Granted, and a Son’s Vow Has Been Fulfilled

Alex Powell, a youthful karting star, made his name in the chronicles of Jamaican sporting history by becoming the 1st from the Caribbean Island to hit the peak of the board at the FIA Karting European Championships.

The American-Born Racer, who has risen to prominence over the years, vowed to his father John, a veteran rally racer, an early Father’s Day present, which he dutifully presented on Sunday in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Powell, who started from 3rd place in the fiercely competitive OK Category, seized over on the 2nd lap of the 25-lap race and maintained her dorminace from there.

The 14-year-old was not surprised by his success, as he recently took third in the 2nd round of a four-round event in Zuera, Spain, against considerably older competitors.

Powell went on to tell journalists that he had been expecting it for a long time; all he had to do was work hard to realize his goal. He said this, minutes before catching a flight back to his headquarters in Italy.

He had told some few folks that he had a shot to win this weekend, and he was incredibly delighted that he was able to live up to the promise and deliver as expected.

The soothing ‘Jamaica, land we love’ music was performed for the 1st time at an FIA Karting European Championship, and Powell was somewhat brought to tears.

Standing on the stage and listening to the Jamaican Anthem play was an incredible sensation for him.

He stated that he will treasure that achievement, and hoped that it will play a key role to encourage other students in Jamaica and the Caribbean who aspire to be Formula One drivers to pursue their dreams.

Powell held steady throughout the phases, finishing second four times and winning once in the lead up to the trophy race, where he beat out Kean Nakamura-Berta of Great Britain and Lativa’s Tomass Stolcermanis.

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